Thursday, May 11, 2017

Checker Board

56.5 x 71.5

I bought a box of fabrics from a friend. In the box was a whole bunch of coordinating fabric and two kinds of blocks. The black set had 12 and the white set had 19. I've never seen a pattern like this before, but it was easy to follow because the blocks were sewn so well.

After doing some math, I brought each block up to 21 and laid it on my design wall.  It just seemed too small.  So I added another column and another row. Still looking too small, I found I could make blocks for one more row. So I ended up making half of the blocks for this quilt. Then I added a small black border to finish it off.

A large piece of the striped fabric was included in the box, so I used it for the back and the binding. I was able to almost match the two pieces together so the seam isn't really seen. Not perfect, but pretty good.

I used the stripe fabric for the binding too. Add a nice finishing touch to the quilt. 

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

T-Shirt Quilt

I haven't made one of these in a while. My friend asked me to make one for her daughter's graduation present. Shirts were cut 14.5" because that was the size of the smallest shirt. She chose a 1" gray sashing. Making this was easier than I remembered. So glad!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rainbow Bargello

Made a lap size bargello quilt this week for a customer. She bought it for her MIL because she was starting chemo and wanted something cheerful. I think this fits the bill perfectly. It is such a bright and cheerful quilt. I hope it brings her some comfort.

If you'd like one too, you can find it in my shop.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Green and Red Chunky Race Quilt

Ah, my last chunky race quilt for a while. I made this one to demonstrate the process to a friend. She is now hooked on making these! She has made a black and white one (which was gorgeous), a red, white and black music one, and a purple one. They are so fast and easy and allow for fun quilting practice. My tutorial can be found here. You can make the top in less than two hours, cutting time included. You only need 10 fat quarters.

Some of these fabrics came from the "tub" of my out of date fabrics so I used as much as possible on the back. I love how it turned out. The gold prints really add a touch of richness to this color combo.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

April Use Your Stash

This is a little quilt I made for Emma. She helped me pick out some fun fabrics from the scrap bins. Even the back is made from scraps from her oldest sister's quilt. She also tried to help layout the quilt on the table. Josie has one very similar that I made for her when she was three. It seems that is the age that they ask for their very own little quilt!

I quilted it with some hot pink thread. I added some words to personalize it - love, you, Emma, Grace, and a heart. This made Josie a little upset because she didn't get any words on hers!

Used the same striped fabric from the back for the binding. 100% scraps! 

I still need to make a quilt for Emma's bed, but I want to wait until we move and see who will be in what room before I do that. Who knows when we will be moving, but hopefully soon!

I have been very good again this month in not buying any fabric! Finally seeing the net usage number getting big. I am so excited to move some of this fabric out of my stash. I made 3 baby quilts and 3 lap quilts this month counting Emma's little quilt.

Fabric Usage
In: 0
Out: 36
Net: 119.75

Friday, April 28, 2017

Oh My Darling

 55 x 64

Here is Myra's latest pattern called Oh My Darling! It's a lovely pattern that comes in several sizes.  I made the large lap size.  I love this color combination of blues and yellows mixed with gray.

I used some leftover pieces from pattern testing on the back to fill in the gap. Seemed like a good way to not put them in the scrap pile. Then I gave it a quick meander in a light gray thread.

Stop by Myra's blog to see the original quilt she designed and you can find this wonderful pattern in her shop here.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Boomerang Quilt

  56 x 64

It's finally finished!!! I started this quilt because someone asked me about making a king size quilt. I didn't have any idea how long that would take so I made a few squares to find out. Well, it took me way too long and I had to price the quilt very high. So I set this aside for a couple months until I saw a paper piecing video on facebook that was much easier than the original directions which you can find here. This was my first time paper piecing and let me tell you, it will probably be the last!

So after watching the video, I did get a little faster by doing one part of all the pieces, then the next. But it still took more time to make these blocks than I'm used to. I made an 8" block incase you're wondering.

I used Kona cotton colors Iron Gray, Pepper, Sprout, Sunflower, and Bahama Blue. They work beautifully together in this modern quilt.  For the quilting, I really wanted to do something custom, but I was dreading this part too, so the top sat out on the hallway rail for another month. My husband and I spent some time trying to come up with something modern looking that wouldn't take hours to quilt. Finally, we decided on these wavy lines.

I think they turned out nice and add a bit of softness to the quilt. Not to mention it keeps the price down to a reasonable amount. Who wants to pay that much for custom quilting anyway? It was a good learning experience for me.  I learned I don't like paper piecing!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Navy Ombre Herringbone Baby Quilt

 36 x 40

I am loving this ombre herringbone baby quilt! For some crazy reason, I bought 5 yards of this ombre fabric a couple years ago without a plan to use it. Not a great idea! If you have any ideas for another quilt, I'm all ears! There are still at least 3.5 yards left.

I cut a 5" strip off and played around trying to make something patchworky, but that wasn't working. I added in some white squares to see if that would help.  It was getting better, but still blah. Then I made some HSTs, but what to do with them?  Pinterest to the rescue!  I used this quilt as inspiration. I knew I could get mine to blend better since I had the same colors all down the fabric.

I even found a crazy chevron print in my backing stash that looks great with this quilt top! The binding is Kona Indigo.

I'll be linking to My Quilt Infatuation, Busy Hands Quilts, and Crazy Mom Quilts this week.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Purple Baby Disappearing Nine Patch

 39 x 46

This is a simple disappearing nine patch in 3 fabrics. I had a bunch of the white floral print and it seemed perfect with the purple for a baby quilt. I think I have enough left to make another one! The blue print is placed in the center and the purple in the corners. Each square is cut 5" and sewn as a nine patch. Then you cut the block in half horizontally and vertically to form 4 new blocks.

I had so much fun quilting this baby quilt!  I like practicing new free motion quilting on baby quilts because they are small and if you make a mistake it's not such a big deal as if I did it on a large quilt. But there are no major mistakes this time, just some wonky looking leaves in a few places.

This pattern allows for continuous quilting across the quilt on the white fabric.  I did have to come back for the leaves because they had to be done separately. One more look just for fun!

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Double 4 Patch

56 x 68

I saw this quilt here and thought it would be a good pattern for my fabrics. If you need a tutorial there is one here. These are the same fabrics I used in this Chunky Race Quilt.

I added Kona Mushroom and Snow in the small 4 patches. Looks totally different don't you think?

Just a tad short on the backing fabric so I tried really hard to make it look intentional.  I chose a soft blue binding to soften the quilt. Normally I would have used the Mushroom, so I am really glad I didn't have enough to do it. I like the blue much better.

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