Thursday, April 20, 2017

Boomerang Quilt

  56 x 64

It's finally finished!!! I started this quilt because someone asked me about making a king size quilt. I didn't have any idea how long that would take so I made a few squares to find out. Well, it took me way too long and I had to price the quilt very high. So I set this aside for a couple months until I saw a paper piecing video on facebook that was much easier than the original directions which you can find here. This was my first time paper piecing and let me tell you, it will probably be the last!

So after watching the video, I did get a little faster by doing one part of all the pieces, then the next. But it still took more time to make these blocks than I'm used to. I made an 8" block incase you're wondering.

I used Kona cotton colors Iron Gray, Pepper, Sprout, Sunflower, and Bahama Blue. They work beautifully together in this modern quilt.  For the quilting, I really wanted to do something custom, but I was dreading this part too, so the top sat out on the hallway rail for another month. My husband and I spent some time trying to come up with something modern looking that wouldn't take hours to quilt. Finally, we decided on these wavy lines.

I think they turned out nice and add a bit of softness to the quilt. Not to mention it keeps the price down to a reasonable amount. Who wants to pay that much for custom quilting anyway? It was a good learning experience for me.  I learned I don't like paper piecing!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Navy Ombre Herringbone Baby Quilt

 36 x 40

I am loving this ombre herringbone baby quilt! For some crazy reason, I bought 5 yards of this ombre fabric a couple years ago without a plan to use it. Not a great idea! If you have any ideas for another quilt, I'm all ears! There are still at least 3.5 yards left.

I cut a 5" strip off and played around trying to make something patchworky, but that wasn't working. I added in some white squares to see if that would help.  It was getting better, but still blah. Then I made some HSTs, but what to do with them?  Pinterest to the rescue!  I used this quilt as inspiration. I knew I could get mine to blend better since I had the same colors all down the fabric.

I even found a crazy chevron print in my backing stash that looks great with this quilt top! The binding is Kona Indigo.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Purple Baby Disappearing Nine Patch

 39 x 46

This is a simple disappearing nine patch in 3 fabrics. I had a bunch of the white floral print and it seemed perfect with the purple for a baby quilt. I think I have enough left to make another one! The blue print is placed in the center and the purple in the corners. Each square is cut 5" and sewn as a nine patch. Then you cut the block in half horizontally and vertically to form 4 new blocks.

I had so much fun quilting this baby quilt!  I like practicing new free motion quilting on baby quilts because they are small and if you make a mistake it's not such a big deal as if I did it on a large quilt. But there are no major mistakes this time, just some wonky looking leaves in a few places.

This pattern allows for continuous quilting across the quilt on the white fabric.  I did have to come back for the leaves because they had to be done separately. One more look just for fun!

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Double 4 Patch

56 x 68

I saw this quilt here and thought it would be a good pattern for my fabrics. If you need a tutorial there is one here. These are the same fabrics I used in this Chunky Race Quilt.

I added Kona Mushroom and Snow in the small 4 patches. Looks totally different don't you think?

Just a tad short on the backing fabric so I tried really hard to make it look intentional.  I chose a soft blue binding to soften the quilt. Normally I would have used the Mushroom, so I am really glad I didn't have enough to do it. I like the blue much better.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

March Use Your Stash

I have definitely made up for last month's low production this month. I was able to finish 11 quilts. Now don't go thinking I'm super quilting woman!  6 of them were baby quilts and I had started a lot of them last month. So it's almost like cheating! I have been trying to stay out of the kitchen and eat less, so that means purposely staying in the sewing room more.

I don't have another quilt to post yet, so here's a sneak peak of a 4 patch I'm almost done with:

Fabric Usage
In:  61
Out:  11
Net:  83.75

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Butterfly Granny Square Patch Baby Quilt

39" x 49"

This quilt is made from the pattern Granny Square Patch in a baby size. I modified it slightly by adding an inner border.  I chose pink and blue from the background fabric as my main colors.

This cute butterfly print has been in my stash way too long.  Glad to finally have used it up. This is a great pattern to use those multi-colored prints in your stash. You only have to find 2 more prints to go with it to make it look good!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another Navy and Gray Gingham Baby Quilt

40.5 x 40.5 

I had these squares left over from the first gingham quilt because the size needed to be changed to fit the flannel which wasn't very wide. These squares are cut 5". I also changed the binding to gray. It seems the gold is very popular right now, but I like the softer look of the gray.

I used a gray cross hatch on the back that I found in my stash. This quilt is available in my shop.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Navy and Gray Gingham

36 x 44

Made this cute gingham quilt a while back.  The colors are navy, shadow, snow, and butterscotch. The squares were cut 4.5". The back is a soft gray flannel.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Butterfly Baby Quilt

 40 x 44

I loved this pattern so much, I made another one in these fun butterfly prints. You can see the first one here.  I had enough prints for this one, so I didn't rearrange or change anything but the size.

Same back and forth quilting in the inside sashing, but I did small loopy meandering on the blocks.

For the border, I did some e's and l's.  I had trouble trying to quilt sideways, so I had to turn the quilt to finishe the borders.

You can see my hand wobbles at times, but I think the overall look is still wonderful and the texture is great!

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Pink Animal Baby Quilt

40 x 44

I modified this pattern to make it smaller for a baby quilt. I've been meaning to use this pink and coral animal print for a while now. When I found this pattern I just new it would work.  The animal print was used for 2 of the fabrics since I was short one and I might have rearranged a few pieces to make that work. I made a second one with brighter fabrics here.

I knew I wanted to custom quilt this one and it took a while to pick something.  That is really not my strong suit!  I went with some diagonal lines and some back and forth on the sashing.  I love the texture it gives this quilt.

I also had some trouble taking photos so I tried some in the house.  #whitequiltsgivemetrouble

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